Would you like to write for Thoughtica?

We welcome all talents, all styles, all walks of life.  We want to hear what you have to say and we want others to hear, too!

This isn’t a paid position, but you’ll be able to advertise your talents and link to your own personal blog (if you have one).  We gather here at Thoughtica simply to celebrate our love of the written word.

We only ask that you:

  1. publish coherent, grammatically correct articles in English;
  2. write informative pieces, not creative writing ones — however, you can write informational articles on any topic you wish, be it ancient alien theories or entertainment reviews;
  3. write at least one article a month — this will ensure a constant flow of information being shared with our readers.  We don’t want our content to stagnate;
  4. do not attempt to genuinely pass off fiction for fact — we want readers to read about conspiracies, not adopt them.